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Astro-Tarot Expert, Feng Shui Guru, Interdimensional Creature, Weatherman of the Stars. Over 10 years experience providing leading edge readings and consultations.

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the wheel of fortune and the wheel of astrology spin through birth and life and death. in the center of this ferociously spinning wheel there is an axle that never moves.

"a bright beam came in, destroying everything in its path before the portal closed for good." (the sealing of the 8th dimension) #storiesfromcrystals #quartz #bonfire #upsidedown #galaxyparticles #galaxyparticles_store

so the #fluorite wanted to play today. this #crystalgrid projector has a quartz battery and ended up wanting to celebrate mars and it’s new 6 week stay in #sagittarius! sag friends and fellow fire signs #aries and #leo get #Mars support in creative pursuits and sexual energy during astro-crazy October (at Billy’s Lounge)

Our full moon in PIsces occurs at 948p this eve! We are lucky enough to see the moon at 100% fullness while it is rising!! Check it out in the east after sunset. Because of the atmosphere, the moon looks gigantic when it is that close to the horizon.

This full moon in Pisces is trying to clarify and seal the deal on some of the items that may have felt super heavy, slowed down, detail oriented, or confused two weeks ago at the new phase. The angles suggest that there is action happening to support the solid, long term visions that occured near that new moon aug25. If there is not action happening and you still feel stalled out, it would suggest that support is there for you to put in some effort…do some “connecting of the dots” right now and see results. It is totally okay to have on the rose-colored glasses for now. Use the pieces currently on the table instead of introducing more. We have two weeks left to connect the dots before an astrological shit storm ensues for all of October. ‪#‎Pisces‬,‪#‎Virgo‬‪#‎Scorpio‬, and ‪#‎Cancer‬, you have got this and have been doing a very good job completeing Saturn’s tasks. ‪#‎Gemini‬ and ‪#‎Sagittarius‬ to stay true to the vision even if it feels tough.

Worth noting, at this full moon emotions may be high (pisces is the most emotional sign) and some significant healing may be involved for some. I rarely mention ‪#‎Chiron‬, the wounded healer. But today he is exactly in line with our full moon. I know it sounds dramatic…but some individuals may notice deep seated wounds, karma, or areas of suffering that are being called out to heal with this full moon energy. If you happen to notice wounds from the past suddenly become clear, this is one opportunity to heal those wounds and finally stop the bleeding. ‪#‎astrology‬ ‪#‎fullmoon‬ ‪#‎galaxyparticles‬:::gYp:::

today #Venus moved to #virgo! for the next few weeks u virgos may be due for a makeover or some new digs. #taurus gets an improvement in love. a little pampering is in order. #venuspower

crystals have now found their way to the sphere of chi town. there are sets like this in the #galaxyparticles_store for #crystalgrid making. #soexciting

a #crystalgrid that happened today supports artistic self expression. it reminds of everyone’s unique perspective while encouraging sharing those unique perspectives with the whole. #kyanite #apophylite #amethyst

I’ve never been one for the #knick-knacks and #bric-a-brac. but this fine ceramic piece, made in 1977 has somehow traveled with me for 15 years. it embodies my passion for “reporting the weather.” however I would more resonate with a big cat species than an owl. #cougarbrad #weatherman #astroweather

porch pillar + shadows from electrical wire + sun angle = the pyramids were built in no time at all. #truth (at East Hills Business District)

who might we overlap wheels of life experience with today? #crossingpaths #theuniverse (at The Sparrows Coffee Tea & Newsstand)