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This lunar month of Virgo we continue the story of supportive, forward moving energy with an edge of practicality. Mars and Saturn are exactly conjunct at the new moon making our desires and initiative to move forward combine with a solid, slower, tasking energy. This team may be helping to planfully build a foundation underneath all those growing, expansive, and creative ideas that happened in late July / early August…sort of like passing the test and entering the new grade. If so, stick to the lesson plan! Saturn is “heavier” than Mars, which means ambitious Mars with those desires needs to yield slightly to the slower energy. This is a supportive combo. But in classic astrology, these energies are considered “malefic,” which may create a background vibe of darkness around the beginning of this moon. Consider slowing down the pace a tiny bit so nothing gets overlooked. Neptune is also active, who loves creativity but will fog over practical matters if given the chance. 
‪#‎Virgo‬‪#‎Capricorn‬‪#‎Scorpio‬‪#‎Pisces‬ are in great position to benefit from this new moon. ‪#‎Sagittarius‬‪#‎Taurus‬‪#‎Gemini‬‪#‎Aquarius‬ at tough angles which makes doing the work that much more important! Don’t get flustered by being focused on the task at hand. Results can be seen as early as the week of Sept 8.

We have some really crazy energy as we head in to October. It is a time when there will be game-changing angles that need space to do their thing. So now, during this Virgo moon that will take us to the end of September, we are encouraged to harmoniously put our nose to the grindstone - Use Virgo vibes of taking in all the details and allocating our time correctly to unlock magical surprises during the month. ‪#‎astrology ‬‪#‎galaxyparticles‬ :::gYp:::

I’m just an animated packet of cells reflecting sunlight on the shoreline of the new paradigm. (at Have Company)

The @havecompany succulents and I have been playing a little…if ur interested in succulent care, including trimming and duplicating, stop by for a cup of tea and quick lesson on #succulentlove at close 6p Saturday! informal drop-in gathering. u might even be able to take a piece and grow ur own little baby :) :) :) (at Have Company)

artist residency is going great! this has already been such a gift from the universe. #artforlife #letmetakeaselfie (at Have Company)

planetary flash cards / mini posters wanted to come out and say hi even tho they are still just little creatures in the womb. #astrology #art #artistresidence #galaxyparticles #galaxyparticles_store (at Have Company)

The full moon in Aquarius that occurred Sun Aug 10 was sort of intense, having quite the mixture of harmony and seriousness. In those areas of our life that showed us they want to grow and expand near the new moon July 26, we are getting major clarification and development…seeing tangible growth now…even though it may be hard work. Grandpa planet Saturn, who teaches the lessons, was not at a friendly angle to this moon. But Uranus, who is urging us to expand our horizons, was at an ideal angle.

This moon then gives us lots of boost for the expansion. But it also possibly delivers lots of details to sort through, new things to learn, or some sort of plain old hard work we are completing in the process of this expansion. In some cases, the Saturn tasks may even be helping us put an end to something that is not long term. But Uranus is saying KEEP GOING to that new place. As we head toward the new moon in Virgo later this month, we will begin to see more and more results as long as we keep pushing along.#scorpio#taurus#cancer experiencing the seriousness most but growing nonetheless, #leo#aquarius#aries#sagittarius at extremely expansive position to keep speeding through green lights.

Complete Saturn’s tasks now and receive his supportive energy later on. It is very important to utilize this wonderful energy of forward manifestation now. Because as we head toward the month of October we will be talking about monstrous eclipses again with tense angles that have been reoccurring since 2012. The rest of August and early to mid Sept are generally very supportive.

I’m so excited to be offering personal online audio forecasts and subscriptions now! It is going wonderfully. Inbox me for the link or hit up my website! 
#astrology #fullmoon #galaxyparticles :::gYp:::

Feng shui elements in balace.

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the rainbow portal! #random #sidewalkart #whereami #dorothy (at Eastown, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Tarot Reading 101 with Bradley Wills
Thursday August 14 7-9pm Have Company, Grand Rapids Michigan

Get a hands on introduction to Tarot with resident artist Bradley Wills.
In this class you will learn the basics of the Tarot, including card interpretation, common spreads, connections to astrology, uses in life, and more, giving you the tools to interpret the cards for yourself and friends. 

Each student will take home their own tarot deck and energy crystal!
Cost of the class is $44 and includes the cost of materials.

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this is what the Arkansas crystals look like before their little bath. DIRTY KIDS #youbettergetcleanedup. some of them are going to play in my new etsy shop.