Bradley Wills
Astro-Tarot Expert, Feng Shui Guru, Interdimensional Creature, Weatherman of the Stars. Over 10 years experience providing leading edge readings and consultations.

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Personal bi-weekly audio forecast delivered to your inbox! Using your unique astrological birth chart and a tarot spread, each forecast provides a great tool for understanding and planning with natural cycles of energy. $44/month, cancel anytime. Individual forecasts are also available. After payment is processed I will reach out with a heads up on your first forecast! More details here.

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Lake Michigan Feb 2014 - 80% frozen. Lake clouds cover the remaining liquid surface.

"No matter how far away from here I may go, my spirit is connected to her, the spirit of the great nameless lake of the west. In summer, fern forests and hot sand dunes rule the coastline. The expansive waves seem endless where the water meets the horizon. In winter, she sleeps…an icy cold slumber of unforgiving rest. I feel her sleep and I feel her beginning to awaken.” gYp

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